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Ch. mans
§.2. Utopia

4 6

As Since of all the mischief, superior power's being in the hands of
so far whose interest is repugnant to those of the many,
remedy — not their voluntarily giving it up — which is impossible
but the people's

from being

purpose is


These persons in whose hands each sufficient all power exists
for under operate under the action of a personal interest
opposite to that of the public: pursuing that personal
interest they will continue nor have sacrificed as far as has been in their
power and sacrifice ever will countinue to sacrifice then the
public interest to this their private interest

are the sentiments such the language of this advocater proposer
of reform.

or 10
Source of abuse &c
supreme power in
hands interested in the
creation and preservation
of abuse &c.

Remedy — not their
giving up such their power
unreluctantly: (that
being incompatible
with human nature;)
but their being compelled
by the people.

The source of all abuse abuse in every shape, and of the on account
of its connection with all abuse, of the protection given
to imperfection in every shape, is in this one circumstance,
viz. that the supreme power in of the state is in
the hands of those whose interest is repugnant to that
of the many — whose interest, meaning their private interest,
being in a state of continual repugnance to their
share in the public interest — or in other words to their
duty, an equally continual sacrifice of such their duty to
such their interest is a necessary consequence.

To the disease by which all the which system compass
of the body politic is vitiated and enfeebled, what
is the remedy? Not their voluntarily unreluctantly giving up this power
or any part of it, [+]
[+] for any such sacrifice
is inconsistent with
human nature

for that is impossible would be an impossibility: but that the
people stand up and force them to it compel it at their hands.

or 11
Elsewhere such
compulsion would
mean insurrection &c
scenes here.

In any other country — under any other constitution, such
compulsion could mean insurrection, rebellion, civil war.
But under this constitution the constitution of England it has no such meaning!

or 12
By the King with
the help of the originally
removable Agents of the
people whom he has
contrived to fix in their
seats, without blood this
arbitrary power has been
conquered from the people
by them, it may without
blood be reconquered.

The nation In the present state of things the people is in fact a conquered nation people: conquered from the people by the
King with the assistance of a large proportion of the their originally
removable Agents of the people whom he has contrived to render
irremovable from their seats. But it is without blood that the
conquest has been was made: and it is by in the same gentle mode that a reconquest may be

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