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Jany. 1811 11

Ch. Dyslogistick
§.3. Further instructions &c.

3 3

It. Davy against By Ins innovation
no known interest

Examples of dyslogistic terms thus employed by the Ins against
improvement and information

1. Subversion —

Government and Government excepted

In us the bruck of art or science does the endeavour
at improvement, (I mean in the construction
at present here it was not always so) exists
the way of innovation
Let us now examine the effect of dyslogistic terms thus applied.

1. Neutral term, change: dyslogistic, innovation.

2. Neutral term, again change: dyslogistic, subversion.

By the use of the word subversion the char endeavour is to cause
the change to be regarded as not only mischievous, but
extensive: so extensive as to be even all-comprehensive.

The object proposed subject, be it what it may, of
the proposed change is to be regarded as if it were an
edifice. To subvert an edifice is to overturn it by
a force applied under the bottom of it: of the change thus produced,
whatsoever be the particular description, thus much
is clear that supposing the whole of it thus dealt with,
there can not remain any apartment in it fit for use.
in a word it will have been destroyed the destruction of it will have been the effect
By the use of this word to subvert or subversion, thus much
is required of you, namely that on be the imaginary edifice
what it may such will be the effect produced which by the
change in question will be produced in it.

Of late years, discourses, which, having for part of their
object and their effect the putting upon exposure and frustration
of these fallacies by which words appellations are employed for the purpose
of depredation deception have been sold cheap have by some
those who are interested in the support of the deception been distinguished designated
by the name of the twopenny trash. But howsoever dyslogistic the term
may be, let the discerning reader determine whether to all discourses containing
in relation making [+]
[+] in so far as their
reliance of which is
making this abuse of
on any such
on this or any other abuse of
words, the appellative
trash may not with propriety
be applied, whatsoever
be the price asked
and given for them.

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1 neutral term, change: dyslogistic, innovation / 2 neutral term again change: dyslogistic, subversion


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