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2 June 1811 1811 June 28 + §.2. Note 7
Fallacies Fallacies

Ch. Question begging
§.1. Exposition

1 3

24 Aug. 1819. Quere whether to employ this note?

Note (a) to p. 6.

Relig bigotry
superstition enthusiasm

1. Case where dyslogistic
appellatives are employed
through necessity
— when religions
say fear of God is
in question.

One instance case there is in which a man is driven
as it were into the use of this fallacy, by the necessity of self-defence as it were in his own defence.

This is where religion is on the carpet.

2. By fear of invisible
beings a man's
happiness is increased
and diminished.
But by provoking or ascribing such
diminution to religion
ill-will would be
provoked, and, so
'sans' cases, a contradiction
in terms uttered

By the fear of God invisible beings some efforts which a man's the
happiness comfort and well-being of the individual [believing or not believing]
is in some respects increased, in other respects diminished.
But whoso in speaking of these effects should ascribe
the undesirable part to religion would by might
make sure of provoking against himself the indignation
of men in great numbers, and by many would be
considered as uttering a contradiction in terms.

Yet, by these same men religion will be distinguished into true and
false: and to the false the effects in question will be spoken of by them as justly chargeable.
Yet if you ascribe them to religion, though it can not but be most strictly true, they will not bear it.

3. For distinguishing the
causes when the effect
is thus undesirable
language furnishes
terms of a dyslogistic
cast viz. superstition,
bigotry, enthusiasm.
Employing these
he saves himself
more or less from
that anger

Whatsoever evil effects then it appears present themselves
to him as flowing from the fear of God an invisible being, it is
not to religion that it will appear to him advisable
to ascribe them.

Meantime for designating the cause in the case
in which the effect produced has any thing in it that seems is considered as
pernicious or desirable, he finds several words already in
use: enthusiasm, superstition, bigotry. enthusiasm. These then are
the words which he has recourse lays hold of as if the cause which
they are employed to designate had something in it were a case different distinct
and different cause from that which is meant to be designated
in a phrase proposition of which the word religion
is the leading term.

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