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18 June 1810 1 §.5 or 6 3
Fallacies or Part-Reform Plan

Ch. 3. Prospect of Success
§. Proportion c needful
Hunted Beavers

Insert this at the conclusion of the whole work?

§.2. Fallacy-monger-hunting — a useful necessary exercise.
The Beaver's resource

Will hunted,
the public man
will give up his
sinister interests,
as the beaver is
said to do his stones.
Solomon might
have sent us — not
to the ant only, but
the huntsman.

To save his life Pursued by the hunter, the beaver, if we may believe
certain antient naturalists, to save his life makes a sacrifice
of certain appendages parts of his body, without which (say continues
the naturalist) howsoever contributory to his comforts
are not necessary to his existence.

Applied to the sagacious quadruped of which who was
it is told the original subject of it, the statement has somewhat of the air of
carries somewhat of the fabulous a suspicion of incorrectness upon the face (it must be confessed)
of it. [But, good or not in the character of a history as a fact in natural history,
in the character of an apologia it will be found
to be no less instructive than it is true.] to be not only true but [+]
[+] , to whomever has
resolution a heart to make the
proper use of it,

eminently instructive Applied to
the species of biped called a trustee or agent of the
people,or more specifically a Member of Parliament Government
and more specifically still a Member of Parliament, it will be found worth to merit every degree of attention
that can be paid to it. He has His mind has belonging to it those delicate parts
called sinister interests: he them he employs on every occasion, all his art is
all his art in employed in concealing them keeping them if possible out of sight and to as many people as
he could make hope to make believe him, is ready to he will deny
deny their at all times to deny their very existence. This done he may be may notwithstanding have been seen
growling and making
wry faces,

be every now and then seen, nibbling off bits here and there a bit from them: but yes: —
that he may: but it is only when hunted, and in proportion as he is well
hunted. [+]
[+] Solomon would
have sent us to
not to the ant only
but to the huntsman

To Such being the is the false apologia, for the moral
of it we must result resort to the huntsmans which we must go to the huntsman deceiving
language voice interjections + "Haste forward! Tally-ho! never give slacken
over the chase hot pursuit for a moment, never have him at rest
never let him know what rest is for a single moment,
till every particle of sinister and active interest that, without danger to his health can be bit off, has
been bit off, and the game reduced life in to the condition of a black eunuch.

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