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July 1811 B1 Pt 3 Ch.1
Fallacies ad superbiam. Thought-condemners plea

Anti Rational fallacies
Thought condemners



Errors to thought superabundance of thought, rarely produced
by deficiency of it.

General rules adopted without adverting to the necessary exceptions

1. Government not to trade or manufacture for itself. Execution manufacturing
for, and combining

2. bad; Exception, for members

§.1. I. Exposition Under it the examples

1. Exposition. Here few words will suffice

§.2. II. Exposition continued — Exposure

2. Considitors Less observation apt to be involved in the fallacy —
Theories — 1. in plan or design. 2. in argument.

3. Theories in plan or design in what case and to what
degree erroneous — 1. Wrong end. 2. Wrong means.

4. Theories in argument — in what cases and to what degree
apt to be erroneous. 1. Position too extensive, viz. for
want of having the requisite exceptions taken out of it
2. Terms in which it is couched not sufficiently determinate

5. In both cases whatsoever there is of error is more apt to proceed from
want of thinking than from thinking itself.

6 Absurdity of this argument fallacy upon the face of it

7. How to avoid the fallacious expression, and word
the observation (viz. the observation connected with the
fallacy) when it is just.

§. III. Examples of false erroneous theories or theoretical
expression — with the causes of the error expression

3. No man without his own consent. 4. Do as you would be done by — See Aristotle.
2. Right of Self-government

1. Rights of Man. 2. Monopoly bad (Exception p). 3. Government ought not
to trade or manufacture for itself. 4. Liberty of trade in corn, money, &c without regard to exceptions

§. IV. Causes of the prevalence of this fallacy.

1. Different descriptions of men whose interest it is to give
currency to it viz 1. Idlers. 2. Ignoramuses. 3. Dunces BeetlesStupids

Impressiveness of it proved by the general eagerness to
wipe off the imputation. Causes of this impressiveness
Such error a sort of indication of want of knowledge of
the world — want of experience in business. 3. Poring over
books for want of the sort of merit which gives access to
men — to living sources of information. Want of knowledge
of the world a more ingenious galling charge (according to many
men's actions those most immutably in degree. So according
to Mademoiselle de Montpensier, Ridicule: i.e. that which exposes to contempt.
more affliction than habit:
od d m

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