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26 Dec 1809 Dec 26 + 7

Fallacies Parlt Refm

ln entered
Ch Paradox brand
§5. IV. Hanover & A Hampshire
§.5. Hanover & A Hampshire


When a different
or a writing

Can not be
But the worst

13 or 1
Examp: Paradox
employed in support
of a specific system
of measures. Hanover
as much a part of England
as Hampshire.

War to be kept on
by Britain
as pertinaciously for
defence of Hanover as
of Hampshire

Among the artifices of politicians is one which has sometimes
been recurred to, and the success of which seems to
have been greater than or at least the use of it more frequent
than what from the general principles institution of human nature
might at first view have been expected.

It consists in bringing down in the character of a principle
some gross and staring absurdity.

14 or 2
A paradox naturally

why hazarded?
From its monstrosity,
coupled with
the confidence with
which it is advanced
latent and conclusive
reason inferred. Seeing
no reason, men see no
bad ones: Hence they
infer good ones

When the measure or set of measures you have to
advocate reconcile men to is too manifestly absurd or pernicious to defend by any
train of sober reasoning, dress it up in the form garb of a
paradox, embellished by bedizened dressed up in some rhetorical figure, if
any such can ornament can be found for it.

15 or 3
In minds by what
so plainly monstrous
a policy could be
endured, something of
this sort must have
passed: not that,
planet struck as they
must have been, they
could themselves have
seen what passed there

Being in its quality of paradox palpably flamingly absurd
and monstrous upon the face of it, and your hearers or readers men who give you
giving you credit not merely for ordinary but for superior intelligence,
men they will conclude that the apparent and
primax facie meaning import of it can not be your real
meaning, but and that your real your real meaning
must be some other, too profound to be comprehended
at a first glance. Seeing no reason As to reason
at all for it they see no bad weak ones: and seeing it
to be is yours, it must have reasons for it, and those reasons
good ones. Something of this sort, as far as
any thing can be felt perceived to pass, passes in these occasions
in in mens minds. But the fact truth is they scarcely
know themselves what passes there: they are confounded
and astounded. awe-struck, and and as it were planet-struck. Thus trust is in you: their distrust
is in themselves. That any opinion so monstrous as
the one in question, if taken naked and unsupported by
those good reasons by with which it being yours they are sure it must can not but
be supported, should
really be yours is
an opinion that would
run counter to a persuasion
which in their
minds has acquired the
firmness of a first principle. Therefore at the bottom of this apparently absurd proposition there must be some exquisitely refined and rational one,
the reasons of which will appear in due time and those conclusive ones will appear in due time.

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