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13 June 1811 8

Ch. Paradox-brandishers
§.5. H & Hang


16 or 4
Suppose this the Kings
politics he sacrifices
and betrays the interests
of Britain and Ireland
not to speak of Hindustan
— not to do
even of Hanover
(for they too would be
all the worse) but
to his own personal
do. viz. of his power

Suppose the King of Great Britain and Ireland at the bottom of
such politics. Here is a King of Great Britain endeavouring
to sacrifice the interests of the British Empire his people
say L 16,000,000 of people not to speak of Hindoos
to the [supposed or alledged] interests of the inhabitants people of Hanover
of the Electorate of Hanover and its dependencies, say
one million. No not to the interests of the people of Hanover
neither: for they too are to be kept plunged in an
equally perpetual interminable state of warfare or hostili against or subjection
under an enemy for the chance of being governed by one Master rather than
another. No not even to that small portion narrowly extending portion of public
interest but to his own personal interest in the shape
of power love of power.

17 or 5
The treachery not
less mischievous
to make the sacrifice
to the Elector of Hanover
thence to do of
Saxony or Brandenburgh

A King of Gr Britain and Ireland endeavouring to sacrifice
and in by sacrificing (his kingly trust considered) to betray,
the people of Britain and Ireland to the Elector of Hanover.
What if to an Elector of Saxony or Brandenburgh? The
treason sacrifice would in appearance be more treacherous, but
in effect and reality just the same.

18 or 6
From such politics
the people were saved —
not by the King:
for it was not for
this he dismissed
that Ministry: —
but by Bonaparte
who by absolute
conquest rendered such
defence impracticable.

That the King was at the bottom of such those politics is
mentioned only in the way of for argument sake, and supposition. What is certain
is that these were the politics brought forward and advocated
by the Ministers of that same King, and in both
Houses. Who saved By whom then was the country It was the good [+]
Not long after, it was
the good fortune of the
people to be saved

from such Ministers, not to speak
of Kings. Saved? — but by whom? By The King? — No: it was not for is not to this, it
was for the endeavour to emancipate relieve from oppression the
great majority of the people of one of his kingdoms, that he
dismissed dismission of those Ministers is to be is by every body who should know universally ascribed.
by every body without so
an except much as an

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