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1822 Sept. 4


ad Judicon


Add time taken by Whig and G
to quizz the practice of numeration.

Against this fallacy, on the part of him who is on the right side one mode instrument of precautionary
and preparatory anticipative defence is — the distinguishing his
arguments by numbers. To draw apply numbers
is to give a name. Numeration is shorter than description.
Of all modes of designation, numeration is the shortest,
and bating easiest, and setting and typographical errors the least exposed to

In their the correspondence between the West India Directors
in London and for their quality of possession of the Supreme
Operators power over British India and the body
immediately subordinate to them in that subject country
the whole mass of orders on the one part and
on the other stands divided into unnumbered paragraphs.
In the case of legislation At the bare mention of it this need of designation so necessary
to such a degree will this mode of designation be apt to appear
necessary indispensable and unavoidable, that the mention any such format of indication of
it will be apt to appear absurd and nugatory to a degree of absurdity:
as if in this a situation such as that in question in the part of a set of rational
beings were possible the omission of this only adequate mode of designation
were possible. Possible or no, on the part of
a set of beings pretending to the endowment of rationality, and taking
upon themselves to dispose of the lot happiness of human beings by
millions as much at their ease as if they possessed
it, and amongst others of the hundred million as that
same British India, the omission is actual and inexorable.
It is so on the part of the King Lords and Commons
of whom is composed that Parliament for which in the new
form assumed by it in at the commencement of this the 19th Century employable no
epithet in the form of an adjective was provided or rendered left
capable of being provided.
Every man
could say This British
Parliament: but who
could ever say
who ever said till now
and in the character of
a thing that could not never
never before could have been said: The British — and — Irish Parliament. But as it is on most occasions the interest of most men to prevent exclude misconception so
so on some occasions it is the interest
of some men, to produce and introduce it.

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