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1821 Oct 5. + B 16

To Torino

Letter V
3 Method only


31 or 11
Practical consequence
of arbitrary arrangement
Leaving the door open
without opposition
the denominations
not indication of real
mischief in any
shape, it thereby gives
facility to the insertion
in the proscribed list
acts not productive
of real mischief

Natural Method as expressed
by nomenclature and
classification — its
good effects.

When factitious dignity is thus taken for the ground and measure of
security, an arbitrary and method or plan of arrangement, for the offences
against which the security is to be afforded, follows as a
matter of course: the offences [+]1

[+]1 to acts, which, though
no real mischief is produced
by them are destined
picked out to be
converted into offences

denominations, by which no indication is given, of any
mischief of which the offences acts so into they designate are respectively productive,
are without difficulty employed to give, and do accordingly give, admittance,
to acts by which into the fatal list into the proscribed list.
produced And thus, to the mischief produced by excessive
punishment, is added the mischief produced by altogether
groundless punishment.

On the other hand

32 or 12
Of a system, grounded
on the only defensible
principle, applied
by an undiscontinued
rule such a correspondent
method of
nomenclature and classification,
for all
objects belonging to the
field, particularly for
acts taken and converted
into offences, is a
congenial and indispensable

Of a system of legislation, grounded on the fundamental
principle so often mentioned, explained all along and
justified by a rationale, consisting of produced composed by constructed by applications
made of that basis to the several arrangements of detail,
a correspondent system of method of classification and nominitation and classification (a),
applied in general to all objects that come within the field of legislation,
for all objects
offences and in particular for such to all such mischievous to which acts, as, by
means of prohibition and punishment it marks out,
for filling so many correspondent situations in the catalogue
of offences, is an instrument is of such a system a congenial and
indispensable instrument.

I say nomenclature and classification:
though the two objects are so intimately connected as to
be with not without difficulty distinguishable: in so far as there is a difference by the word classification is the purely operation as interior
act of the mind; performed in the interior; the operation by which the ideas furnished by individual objects are collected into groupes: nomenclature is the operation by which a denomination
is attached to the groupes so formed: nomenclature, when applied to any
other than individual objects, in which case it is employed in the efficacy to those
the sort of names called
prop is the
operation by which
names, which in this case
are the sort of names p
co all
to the groupes formed by classification. When of the names employed, there is by which all the objects, designated by all the others put together, are designated, and
thus formed into an aggregate or groupe, that aggregate into two or more, each of into two or [+]
[+] more and so on
all is these denominations
put together exp
is called a method.

Note (a)
(a) Classification as expressed in language is but nomenclature applied to general ideas
of a large extent, contained one within another.

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