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1819 May March 28
To Evita

II Why

Whigs love Revolution


After Mirely

Revolution for ever! O glorious Revolution! This is the
Whig cry at a Hustings or in a Chronicle when the time is
supposed to be come for making a display of courage and
public spirit without expence. Have the goodness my Lord
to inform your Clients that this will not do any longer contrivance is worn out.
This in a word is the case with all these contrivances,
these contrivances pictures colourings are become transparences: such is the effect
of varnish.] You By d encounter expose yourselves prisons: you demand reform
you encounter expose yourselves to prisons: or as come but the a proper occasion, we
are ready to encounter axes and hal. [+]
[+] all for your sake
All you want look to
is to tie up the King's hands: we go much further come but the proper occasion,
we are ready to turn him out: aye, and to chop his
head off or host him lid, rather than he should continue
where he is, [if he offers to make resistance.] As to the
courage in all this, it is the courage of Sir John The Falstaff
The sooner shall a dragon come, Saint George could not be readier was not more eager to fight him
Whenever a dragon comes, they are as ready to fight him as St George
than they will be.

But be it as it may in regard to courage, there
is at the bottom of this talk frequently more sincerity than every body may be aware
of. What they mean by Revolution, is the Revolution of 1688.
This they seldom fail to let us know. Well then a Revolution
such as that of 1688 what would be the effect of it? Instead of Stuart George or
Gwelf, the name of the King would be Nassau. James, or some other as good.
[the amount of the
spirit of the] matter
of waste and corruption
thus swelled, their hands
would be the dividers
of it.

The official establishment would be the same or greater: to keep
out the Pretender more army, more navy, more every thing.
Then as now the seats all seats would be filled by a mixture of bribery
and intimidation: an million would seat two members fill two seats:
one individual four times as many. Then At that At the final Revolution, Parliament
were improved from annual to triennial: not long after, into septennial:
in the looked for Revolution, they would be further improved
if not into decennial into octennial: for octennial Ireland
affords a precedent. Should the people dare to meet for reform
they would be dungeoned or bayonetted or shot with as little mercy
then as now: with as little mercy, and with better pretence: now they
are only anarchists:
then, the Georges having
been turned into Jamess
the reformists would
be dubbed Jacobites.

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