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1819 Mar. 28
To Erskine

II Why


At the beginning of the reign they made the King as
unpopular as they could: it was no fault of theirs if the Georges
were not sent after the James's. For what cause? Why? because
on his accession a number of them were turned out of their who had places were made
places. to give way to others Arbitrary place measures thereupon ensued: arbitrary
measures and thence just cause of resentment and opposition
on the part of the people at large: but these were
but incidents: the original cause was neither more nor
less than the loss of these places. By the pen of John Wilkes
they made it matter of reproach to the King, that he had
called himself a Briton: that he had not by calling himself saying Englishman
an Englishman instead of Briton put a studied affront upon the one half of
the United Kingdom. No Scotchman no Scotchman was the cry
they set up: as well might any one have said it have been said No Englishman!
No Irishman! No Welshman! No Landowner! and
so on till none had been left to put into a place but foreigners.

[+] Scarce a week but
more unhappiness
than caused that cry is produced by the same
cause, and
not so much cry is
produced as when so
many pigs are stuck.
When the a few of the
ruling few lose a part
of their luxuries, all
the channels of complaint
are filled with their outcries:
when many of the subject
many lose the whole
of their subsistence, no
stir is seen, no cry is
heard. Who has cares
what becomes of them?
who so much as knows?
They are be Lower orders:
lower orders: [they are
not worth thinking
about] who cares what
becomes of the lower orders?

When the American Colonies resisted taxation, they the Whigs supported
them in their resistance. Why? for love for those strangers?
for regard for love of good government? No: but because they
chance of forcing them thus obtained that additional chance for forcing themselves
into place, which at length was improved ripened into certainty.
In Parliament the Colonists forsooth were not represented
The Colonists people of English America were not represented in Parliament,
true good: but who were or are? Not Englishmen the people of England, not Scotchmen not the
people of Scotland not Irishmen not the people of Ireland. They saw the people
of these islands in a worse condition than these Americans.
For as their being represented, the imposture could not pass:
that plea for misgovernment could not pass: whereas in these islands
such is the blindness or such the patience of the people, it did
pass and continues to pass Whatever reason the people of
that continent had for throwing off the yoke the people of these
islands have a still if it were but in their power as great sufficient an one, not to say a better.

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