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1819 March 28
To Erskine

II. Why M


With the French Revolution cane the Revolutionary
war. The prospect from Parliamentary Reform was now
brightened. It want on with so much spirit, that Charles
Fox almost fancied could fancy he had the Hustings were almost as dear to
him as the gaming-table. This continued not It did not go on long. The
aristocrats feared that instead of getting places they should
lose their seats: their seats, and such of them as had
titles even their titles. At St Jamess and Saint Stephen's
Burke had played his game better than Fox. Fox could
only speak: Burke could not only speak but write. He
made all the cowards in the Kingdom quake with fear, all
the tyrants foam with rage. Legitimacy Burke got his
£3,000 a year for it. Fox again was left in the lurch. A
remnant of the Whigs received a call with him, and were
converted. Fox was again left in the lurch. Legitimacy
took the place of divine right, the periodicals have ever
since been filled with. Passive obedience and non-resistance
— love of waste and corruption and hatred of economy and reform
has ever since been the creed of [all] readers who are
without understanding, and of [all] writers who are without
shame. The As spread Fox and his Whigs became alarmed not
only for their seats but for their necks. To construe reform
into treason would have cost but a few words: and these words
Judges always ever have been and always ever will be, ready with.
For the edification of such as had estates, corruption of blood
had been continued. [Abbot had lent himself for this service:
he had thus earnt his Speakership and of course his Lordship.]
Corruption of blood your Lordship need not be informed,
is a phrase, by the virtue of which by which for the supposed offence of
one individual others are punished in countless multitudes.

[+] Answer Burke said
the first Lord Lansdown
to king Lord, I
can not: I disagree with
him in some things; but
I agree with him in
others. So much the
better, quoth he. I hesitated:
but while I was
hesitating, other cases
pressed upon my time
and engrossed it.

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