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1819 March 28
To Erskine

5 or 6

I do not mean to say, that for the eliciting of truth
a more better-suited argument would be afforded by a
potatoe or a sucked orange than by a sprig from either
[+] either may serve
for garnish, neither
for any thing more

the dark coloured or the bright-coloured bouquet packet of Your
Lordships flowers. All I mean to say is — that if a missile an argument
of either sort is predetermined to be employed, I can
not easily figure to myself a more suitable occasion,
than that of a gentlemans setting his arms akimbo
either upon a hustings or upon paper, and telling us
what he is ready to do as soon as by his watch the
hour of revolution is come, and how ready he is to
in a case that can never happen, to dispose of the Georges as the Jameses were disposed of
in 1688.

I make no doubt of the readiness of Your Lordhips
clients to act upon any favourable occasion, upon
the principle acted upon, as above, from 1760 to 1768 or thereabouts
or upon the principle acted upon in 1784 or thereabouts and so on
These if I do not misconceive the matter were the true
Whig principle. Get as much as you can, and by any
means that will serve the purpose: principles so uniformly acted upon
in Poland by the by the Alexanders, antient and modern
— the Caesars antient and modern — the Fredericks
and the Georges: principles upon which General Jackson
was so ready to shoot shot Ambrister after he had been sentenced
not to be shot, Arbuthnot after he had been acquitted, and
would be ready to shoot the 62 honest men, who thought
he had better not have been so ready with his shootings to say fire, and
that manslaughter homicide however necessary upon a large scale
was no sufficient warrant for murder upon a small scale

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