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1819 Apr. 4
To Erskine

IV. Whig D
1. Glorious Revolution


or 8
Sole case, (though not
in their view, of the number
of those which can never
happen) in which they
would ever contribute to
a king-changing Revolution,
and run the
risks of it —
Will the Monarch contest for
power, putting him
into such bad humour
as to quit to Hanover.
So George 3, Ao 1784
under pressure of the

For In the cause view Hanover
a Kingdom, ducal
swelled to royal waste.
[Insert J. B. at Herenhausen]

One case there is, in which, although, in their view at
least it can scarcely be of the number of those cases that can
never happen, they would have no feel, without much repugnance, not
only see a Revolution effected meaning always a king-changing Revolution, but even contribute
towards it, and even in that view hope submitt perhaps a
certain proportion of them to those risks hazards to which the
endeavour to effect a Revolution is by the very nature of
the case exposed. This is the case of a contest with the
for power carried on to a certain height with the Monarch:
a contest such as in the of having among for its effects
that of putting throwing the Monarch into a fit of such ill humour
as to dispose him to take refuge such relief in from their annoyance
in the little German state from whence his forefathers were
imported. To this choice spot, and on that very occasion, his
present Majesty, if I have not been misinformed by those, who
were in the way to be well-informed did actually, to wit on
or about the year 1784, under the pressure of the Coalition
confederacy, meditate his retreat. For this the like purpose
(such is the wisdom produced by power!) For the like among
other purposes doubtless it is, that H for the accommodation
of the son, Hanover has been created into a kingdom,
and ducal swelled improved into royal waste.

or 9
Even in this case sole
Revolution tolerable to
them, a king-changing
one as in 1688.
They to put out one
King, on condition of
putting in a puppet
whose wires should
be in their hands.

But in this case, such is their admiration attachment to the principle of the
Revolution of 1688, that not only most glorious but sole endurable
Revolution, no other Revolution would they contribute to —
no other would they so much as endure. The would put out
one Monarch, but on condition of putting in another. They would
put out a refractory Monarch, but on condition of putting in an
obsequious one: a puppet the wires of which should be in their
own loyal hands.

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