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1819 Apr. 5
To Erskine

IV. Whig demerits
Fallacies1. Glorious Revolution


Whatsoever you wish people to believe of it be true assert it, if false
insinuate it: for by insinuation in the so for common falshood saves itself from shame

They would proceed to observe that these "most virtuous
"and best informed amongst the higher and enlightened classes of
the people, who ... took prudent and effectual steps for securing
"its success without bloodshed": they would thus endeavour to cause
it to be believed that it is by bloodshed in seeking reform,
reformists want would rather the business should be done by bloodshed
than without it.

They would proceed to observe that these same Whigs
of 1688 were confident of the support of a vast majority of
p. 4
the people: of all indeed, who loved freedom and detested arbitrary
power. They would proceed to say and exclaim These were the Whigs
"of England at the Revolution;" and to add "and I have never
"till very lately, heard their representatives descendants and representatives,
"whilst they maintained the principles of their forefathers,
considered as an unprincipled faction in the state." They
would thus endeavour to cause it to be believed that what
ever was good in those principles in which every thing was
good is maintained by themselves the Whigs of 1819: and
that therefore in the Whig appellation of an unprincipled
faction in the state would could not be propriet applied with propriety
to those same forefathers, so neither could it to the present existing descendants
of those same forefathers.

Well my Lord, now we are come again in conclusion we are come again to these same p
words unprincipled faction. Well my Lord I am glad we it is quite pleasant to
are so soon to shake hands. No they shan't be called nobody shall call them an unprincipled
faction. My bond first: and whoever there were that were
ever naughty enough to use such words, they shall all join with me
in the bond. But good as Sancho would say, are good d
another: and as Lord North said, the reciprocity must not be all on one
side. To make the whole matter, before I have done, I think to present submitt to your
Lordship a few queries.
When the queries have
received an answer from
your Lordship the system
of attack and defence will be is
closed, and as Blackstone
says, every thing is as it should be.

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