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1819 Apr. 5.
To Erskine

III Whig Demerits
3. Not measures but men


Attack By vile and speech and writing and deportment — by every means, attack the
bad measures, be they ever to good, if as often as by so doing you can
are a prospect of damaging the reputation of the adversary, or
gaining votes upon him. For theirs is but an act of men that
we ought to should aver for, and that is — ourselves: Why should one
care for any others? There are no others of issues to the
h add them without
For ours is constantly the indicative
ours as whenever we have the power will be effective and frantic will
be do goods and in no other breasts hands are these indiepensable
requisites to be found.

By vile and speech and writing and deportment
by every means support the worst measures, be they ever so
bad, so long as they are our own. The reasons have been
already given.

This of so long as it has any is the meaning of not
measure but men, or not men but measure: W this is then
is the plain English. With this measure tacked attached to it will a
man let it press upon him? the meaning continues attached tacked
to it. Does he wrig in wriggle about? does he make face?
does he grow troublesome? does he say cry, Nay but this won't
do this is insincerity — this is imposture this is rascality, this
is not only insincerity but the profession of it — this is as much
as to say trust me, never trust me — this weapon will be of no more
use to us than to the adversary unless we can h can take out a
patent for it — then if it passes carried will not be of so much
use to us as to the adversary, since forasmuch as he has is strongest and
has most votes, speeches and writings — should these observation an observation with effect
be too troublesome too galling to be endured — it is then explained away cleared of this in particular
and then it amounts to nothing: it tastes of nothing, like a piece of salt fish with the salt washed
out of it.

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