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1819 Apr. 19.
To Erskine

Lett. 5 Whig Fallacies
III. No Theory!


Is not this in the book of Fallacies! If so it should not be
here. 19 May 1819

III. No theory!

Much as it is employed as the work grows to it to do by the Whigs this fallacy argument
is not peculiar to them. It is employed with at least
equal readiness constancy and alacrity with the Tories to whom
on this occasion, the Whigs with the utmost cordiality give
the right hand of fellowship.

By the one as by the other it is employed as
often as any thing which being respectively contrary to
their interests respectively is so good that nothing else better or
nothing else can be found to be sued against it: and in
so small a compass, a more impressive or even conclusive
article of circumstantial evidence of the circumstantial kind in favour
of the goodness of the measure need scarce be wished for.

Plain practical measure: sound, practical measures
all our measures. No theorists are we. No theory is ours
To On no theory do we ever rely: to no theory will we ever
give ear.

Now in all this these profession is there what so much as a syllable
of truth? No my Lord, not a syllable

Always upon some theory or other is grounded the part
they take. This part is the opposing making opposition to
the unwelcome measure whatever it be. The Of this theory
the enuntiation is more or less explicit. But in every
case something of theory is implied necessarily implied
and the truth of it taken for granted, argued from and
acted upon.

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"is not this in the book of fallacies? if so it should not be inserted here"

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