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1819 May 17
To Erskine or Whig Fallacies

Whig Fallacies
Suitors by Erskine
Matchless Constitution


Add to Fallacies (26 May 1819)
T the balances! Trim the boat.

Talk of the Constitution indeed when openly and avowedly
in the form of authority, two placemen one of both of
them appointed by the Monarch, one of them removable,
without consent of Parliament, without authority from
Parliament, under the by a set of lies to which all
Englishmen are subjected, raise money and apply to be applied to their own

In the case of Ship money In Charles the first time by a an unexampled stretch of the power of the
House of Commons the men in various situations were
received for their concern in their the parts borne by their business, and in particular
a number of the Judges for declaring judicially the legality of it. If
any one will take the trouble to enquire, he will find that
for justification of what was done in the case in question for
Capital justification!
contributing to the denial
of justice, contributing to
the effect by every halfpenny
thus raised.

taxing men in the character of suitors to satisfy gratify the rapacity
of lawyers, the pretences pretence bear no comparison in point of plausibility
with that by which the levying of Ship money
was endeavoured to be justified

Now had they done twenty times the good things they
ever pretended to still it might be asked, and asked with
reason what confidence can the Whigs lay claim to, they
having sit still with folded hands shut eyes and no oppos unopened lips
while this violation of the most radical and vital principle of the pretended
Constitution was perpetuated.

Money thus extorted from the people under colour of
law and in contempt of Parliament — this puppet Parliament
Where This violation of the Bill of Rights their counsellors and the trumpeters of
the Glorious Revolution Oh Oh ever glorious: Revolution! O rare
Bill of Rights not oppos shutting their eyes now not moving
a tongue in opposition to it. They oppose it! Why, it was by
them it was by the very head of them it was committed. It was by
their Lord Chancellor: In this exploit of theirs they were but
seconded by the Tories. The Tory who for this purpose and to this effect in the situation of Master
of the Rolls, to use their own jargon) confederated and combined to used with
this head of the Whigs,
joined in this business
did but follow where the
Lord High Whig led.

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