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1819 Apr 19

Morn. Chron. October 22d-1812. Extract from Lord Milton's speech
at the Yorkshire Election.

"There is one other subject to which I wish to call your attention,
that of Parliamentary Reform. I know that on this subject I have
the misfortune to differ with persons with whom I agree on almost every
other subject; but I must maintain my own opinion, I must speak
it freely before you."

"I stand upon the Constitution which has existed for ages,+ + always charging: it is
the same now as ever, if
neither military force nor
money have any influence.
have been the same
King – Lords Commons
and Parl. Electors
and which,
whatever temporary depression this Country may have sustained, has
exalted it to that high pinnacle of glory at which she now stands; I
am for that of which we have had experience. And the question is, not
whether this bit of a Law should be abrogated, or this trifling enactment
made, but whether the whole Constitution of Parliament shd
be annihilated, and viewing it in this light, I disapprove of the Reform
contended for."

"I disapprove of it, not as I have been misrepresented, because if am
against the democracy; I am not against democracy; I reverence
the democracy
, and I reverence the King: but because that beautiful
structure which consists of a due mixture of its component parts
would be injured
, if not destroyed, by making so essential an alteration
in the Commons House of Parliament. The british Constitution
contains a variety of powers counterpoised against each
other, and in the balance of these powers, in the checks which are
afforded on the one hand against the encroachments of the Crown
on the liberties of the people, and the guards which are erected
on the other, to protect the Crown against the tumults of the
, to which mere Republics are so liable, the excellence and
stability of this Constitution consists.

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to erskine ld miltons anti-reform speech




morn. chron. october 22nd 1812. extract from lord miltons speech at the yorkshire election


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