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To Erskine

§. Whig Fallacies
Matchless Constitution
No Theory!
Lord Milton 1812

2 2

Now as to the Constitution being at the bottom of what his
Lordship stands upon this i do not dispute. But as to
what his Lordship stands upon most immediately, that
which is next to constitutes his immediate support, it
is his money. This I say now, and but this is what I said
two years ago I mean in my Parliamentary Reform Catechisms
— in the Introduction to it. I stand upon this: that no
man alive dare stay stand against me: for if he did, I am
able to ruin him by the expence and would do so. Let
I would upon occasion
hire all the Attornies
in the country: so
that he should not be
able to find any one
that would act for

me the object of ever so strong and extensive an abhorrence and that abhorrence
ever so just — let me be abhorred ever so intensely
and ever so justly — as some men have in former days been
abhorred in Westmoreland, I would seat myself for Yorkshire
as they did themselves and others in Westmoreland: let my me
tenants and other be an object of ever such so intense and
unanimous an abhorrence to my tenants and others depending
of all sorts and sizes, they should all go and give their
votes for me and any one I chose or could chose
to join with, or it should be so much the worse for them,
they should repent it as long as they lived

This my Lord is what the p his Lordship stands
upon: and this it is that makes him so fond of the Constitution
which has lasted for ages.

This or something like it is what makes the
Emperor of China so fond of the Constitution of China: a Constitution
which has stood for somewhat more ages than the
Constitution of England, Scotland or Ireland or all together —
and with rather less change.

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