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1819 Apr. 19
To Erskine

Matchless Constitution
No Theory
Lord Milton

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"I reverence the democracy." Oh yes, the democracy he
thus tramples upon, and forces to elect him or be ruined.
"I reverence the King.' Oh yes, in shew and demonstration,
every man who to by whom the name and person of King
is possessed: to every such man equal whatsoever
be his conduct equal reverence. As his Lordship does
so do all other Lordships and all other Honourables Right Honourables, and
after them the corruptest and silly part of the people
such that it is that makes Kings so selfish and so silly
as they are, because be they ever so much more so, they
and govern ever so badly are regarded with equal refer reverence. And whence Behold
there are differences between them and a President for example
of the United States. If during the four years for which he
serves uses his power or is thought to use his power badly
or less well than what another would have done in his place
he loses his place he is President no longer: and that is the
reason why while we have Europe has such mischievous and such idiot
Kings so America has no mischievous nor idiot Presidents.
Idiot? no nor any but those who are the very ablest men and honestest the
State affords or at least one amongst the ablest and honestest
and in the eyes of the greatest number of those whose
affairs they manage are the very ablest.

His Lordship reverence the King? So much the worse.
His Lordship reverence the Democracy? as the rider reverences
the jaded beast he rides on. King, democracy — no:
let him look in the glass, there his Lordship may see the
man whom his Lordship reverences. His Lordship? Yes
and as many others bonds as can not help it.

Now what is Yorkshire the better for being so represented?
Yorkshire a County the population of which equals that
of the whole of his Majestys German kingdom. Were I a Yorkshire
man, how much rather would not I be not be represented at
all than so represented. I should at any rate escape being so insulted.

Mistake me not my
Lord. By honest speaking
of these Presidents
I do not mean that if
they had the power of that Kings
have they would not that
by those their fellow Citizens
as Kings do by their
subjects. But they have
no such power: and therefore
knowing it would
be to no purpose, they
neither attempt ever to
treat their fellow-citizens
in any such manner,
or so much as think
of it

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