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1819 Apr. 19
To Erskine

Lett. 5 Whig Fallacies
Matchless Constitution!
No Theory!


Tumults of the people to which (says his Lordship) mere Republicks are
so liable." Mere Republicks? Mere Republicks?

No other Republic does his Lordship know of except
those that he used to read of when he was at School: and
These Republics were liable to tumults, and thence he considers
that so must all other Republics

How much longer will his Lordship and those who think or
at least speak with his Lordship how much longer will they
continue ignorant of that which the meanest most ignorant of my fellow
citizens the Westminster Electors is so well informed of — to
wit that in the only Republic which any man ever thinks
wishes to see in any particular copied or imitated, there
are tumults? But there was among Whigs there exists
a covenant — and to this purpose his Lordship is a Whig,
never to look into a newspaper without shutting
their eyes and ears against the passage, whenever a passage
comes in which any mention is made of the American
United States.

It is since this speech was made, that in the person of
the Prince Regent in the course of what I suppose his
Lordship would not refuse to call a tumult, the Monarch was
hit by a potatoe: one of those potatoes which according to
the discovery made by a working magistrate, speak for themselves
which, for the affording as some say the latter pretence for some of these further encroachments
of the Crown of which against which the steady mind of his Lordship has so effectually
secured itself, a glass of the crack was broken by somebody that was
within it. Now by what potatoe, speaking or not speaking,
was any President of the United States ever hit or aimed at?
Guarded Protected against potatoes, the Monarch is has not thereby been always
protected against hootings or hissings. By what hootings or hissings
has the ear of any President of the United States, now for these
forty years that those
States have been States
been ever assaulted?

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