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Parl Reform Bill


Bring two 2 billiard Players to a Billiard Table, place them at
the bottom of the Table make each of them place his ball close
to that one of the two middle pockets which is on his side place
before them a third ball exactly in the centre of the square of
which these two middle pockets, and these two further pockets
are in the Angles. If now he on the right hand with his ball
endeavours to strike the third ball into the left hand one of the
two upper pockets while he on the left side with his ball endeavours
to strike that same third ball into the right hand one of
those same two upper pockets then if the positions from whence
they respectively set out are exactly correspondent, the forces applied
exactly equal and accordingly the time at which they strike
the third ball exactly the same, the place at which the third ball
will strike the upper side of the billiard Table will be the
place neither of the one pocket, nor of the other pocket but a
point exactly equidistant from the two. But now, instead of
standing at the lower end of the Table let him stand at the
Upper end and having placed the third ball in the corresponding
situation or in short in any other situation in that lower
part of the table strike at it as before but with a force not more
than sufficient to cause it to reach that same end of the Table
viz. the lower end. By any such stroke will the ball be made
to touch the spot abovementioned or any other spot at the upper
end? Assuredly not. Not in the present state of balls and billiard
Tables. This however it will not fail to do as soon as the Monarch
on the one hand and the Aristocracy on the other each endeavouring
as they ever have done and ever will continue to do to promote
their own interests respectively let what will be the consequence
to every other interest will thereby concur in promoting
the interests of the majority of the people.

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