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Of those who beh in any in abuse in any shape behold
a source of sinister profit to themselves, the desire and endeavour of
course is — that towards the removal of it nothing should ever
be done. Now with the good will towards such removal of those who have that sinister
interest in it, what is sure is, that nothing will ever will
be done. That, between the power which they themselves are in
possession on the one hand, and on the other hand all, and any power all power the desire and endeavour of which
it may be to remove the abuse in question, there should be
whether it be called an equipoise an equipoise or no with a relation as
that the removal shall not take place, will manifestly undeniably be
at all times their desire: and in so far as in the constitution
in question this effect has place, the Constitution
as to this part of it will be sure may be well stand assured of their praise.

If in their eyes the value of all contingent profit derivable
to themselves to themselves from the mass of abuse in which they behold their profit is great not so great as the value of such loss
as they may be liable to sustain from the endeavour to increase
the quantity of such relatively profitable abuse, they will be
content and desirous that to the effect in question a real
equipoinse should everlastingly continue.

But unfortunately for the universal interest, no
such equipoise ever b either now has or ever has had, or ever
can have place. Under the management of the the those branches of the ruling power
Since the establishment
of the National Debt,
to go no higher.

the three Estates, the quantity of abuse in which the members
of these several estates bodies have beheld their respective sinister profits
has been continually on the increase. The influence Over those by
possessed by the people great number whom the powers of government have been exercised, the influence exercisable by of those by over whom the it
power thus has been exercised has never amounted to any thing.
The King, the House of Lords, and the that House of which under the name of the House of Commons is filled
by men mostly appointed chosen by the King or the Lords and of whom in
any efficient number the people have never had the choice, have had
and continue to have
each of them a negative
and that an efficient one
upon any thing that can
be proposed for the benefit of the people.

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