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1819. Nov. 19. A §1 1
Whigs and Revolution.

§.1 Introduction
§.1. Introduction

1 1

Essay. On the use made by the Whig party of the revolution of 1688
by the Whigs in the way of argument

§.1. Introduction

Essay. Revolution of 1688. Cause and effects and groundlessness of the
laud bestowed upon it by the Whigs —

§1. Introduction. Laud of the Revolution instead of a call for Parliamentary Reform is a
sign of Whiggism.

§1. In the field of politicks few subjects are more open to observation
than the eulogium allusions which on all public occasions political
men of a certain description the Whigs are on all public occasions
so forward to pronounce on the revolution of 1688.

This being a sign by which when rightly interpreted the party
they really belong to may it is believed be without much danger
of error distinguished and designated and at the same time a
mask by which it is their endeavour to render themselves undistinguishable undiscernible,
a few observations the object of which is — to render
more generally apparent than it seems as yet to have been the
naked truth may perhaps be not altogether without their use

In this as in other cases where politicks form the subject of the
discourse the occasions in question the form of the discourse may
be either in speech or in writing. The observations which follow
will be found alike applicable to both forms: but as they seem
more particularly applicable to public and extempore speeches
this, unless the contrary be mentioned will all along be the form
either mentioned or supposed.


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