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1818 Novr. 19. C1 §3 4
Whigs and Revolution

§.3. Non recurrent

5 3

§.3. A Revolution, such as that of 1688, is an event a sort of
§3. This an event that can never happen
change that can never be repeated

To a man of professions — and almost every occasion
that can be thought of a public speaker on a party subject who has occasion to say
any thing more than two or three sentences is a man of Professions
it is matter of no small advantage when without exposing
the sincerity of them to be disproved, especially if without exposing
them to be so much as doubted of he finds them of a Nature
to be held up to view: in this happy situation does the orator
find himself in the present instance.

The case in which the revolution of 1688 took place happened
at that one time. But [+]
[+] unless a word of
some such unbounded
extent as that of the word
Misrule be taken for the
description of the case

not only the character of this Country
but the whole composition of the human mind of the people in
this Country must first have been utterly changed, ere a case
of the same nature could happen at any other time. Of the
plan of Royal policy by which that revolution was provoked and
produced what were the objects? Answer. There were two of
them: one sacred: the substitution of popish catholicism to Church
of Englandism: the other profane: the completion and perpetuation
of tyrannical despotism as to all other matters: both of
these objects to be accomplished, by the blessing of providence without
Parliament, and by and together with the abolition of
Parliament: to be accomplished by Military force. [Of these
two favourite objects which was the most favourite, which was
the end and which the means that let others who think it worth their
while enquire: the answer both and neither may save the


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a revolution, such as that of 1688, is a sort of change that can never be repeated


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