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1818 Novr. 23. B D §.4
Whigs and Revolution

§.4. They no

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§.4. Supposing it repeated, the advantage would be all to the Whigs
§4. It is what they would not be the worse for
none to the people.

A revolution such as that in 1688 being a sort of event which
can never happen recurr again — and which
the recurrence of which is
not only in itself but in the eyes of those who thus laud it impossible
the manner in which supposing it to recurr it would affect
their Interest is a consideration it may be said which neither in itself
nor in their eyes can have any great claim to regard. But the
consequences that belong to a political change are not at all times correctly
and compleatly present to every eye: when a change of this
sort is spoken of imagination never fails to clothe it in a sort of
apparent reality: and if in the nature of it, supposing it real there
were any thing very plainly opposite to their Interests the idea
of this oppositeness would scarcely fail to damp more or less the
fervor of their applause.

In a Revolution similar to that in question what then can
a man in their situation see that would be adverse to his political
interest. Answer — just nothing. In the possession of their
share in the Government in possession of their seats — the revolution
found them: and in possession of that same share it left

For the great body of the people what was it that in the form
which they give to that change they obtained? What can not be said
is that they obtained absolutely nothing: but what may be said —
and truly said — is — that they obtained nothing from the people
but that sort and degree of security which they could not avoid obtaining
but on condition of not
obtaing it for themselves.

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