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7 Preface.

of the Bill and who is not in that line of duty or of
study which would lead him to weigh words & syllables,
may, as far as he thinks he can depend upon the
fidelity of this copy, find it answer his purpose as well
as the original.

I am sorry I cannot give equal satisfaction to
his curiosity with respect to the preface; in which
the elegance of the stile which is the author's own, has
been at full liberty to display itself, unfettered by
technical forms & prejudices. This I must not transcribe,
nor can presume to imitate. The uncouth
piles of Parliamentary composition have not often been graced
with such a frontispiece.

In the midst however of the pleasure I always
feel at the perusal of this masterly discourse one
short paragraph or two in it I must take the freedom
to remark upon; not from any disrespect to a
statesman whose publick spirit I applaud, & whose
talents I admire but from much less personal &
much larger motives.

In speaking of the persons for whose reading the
present publication is designed, the proposed Bill (we are
told) "was thought expedient to be printed for the perusal" —
- of whom would one imagine? "of any Member of either
house of Parliament." I could have wished, I must own,
on this occasion, to have seen some little notice taken
of the public at large. It would be singular enough,
and rather to be regretted, if the capacity of forming a judgement

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