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A View on the Hard-Labour Bill.

To reprobate any measure then, not because it is inexpedient,
but because it is novel, is to combat it with an
argument which applies not with any greater force
against the worst measures, than against the best.

The Author goes on a little further in the same strain.
He observes in the way of concession, that "he has found
"it indeed possible to point out many Laws which seem
"to reflect no lustre either on the humanity or wisdom
"of our legislation "and in their effect are prejudicial to
"the whole conduct of our Police" — But he rejoins, and
"says that "he has also found it easier to censure than
"to correct, and suspects that any extensive reformation
"of the statute book would prove a work of much nicety
"and embarassment in the hands even of those who possess a
"competent knowledge of the subject with the additional advantage
of Parliamentary habits and talents."

That "it is easier to censure than correct" we all know well enough
without needing a writer, whose rare talents are capable of
being so much better employed, to be at the trouble to inform us.
But if indeed in matter of this nature it be difficult (and
certainly it is but too difficult) to correct, it will hardly
be the less difficult for any thing that is said by writers
of merit and authority to magnify the notion of the difficulty.
On the contrary, be the difficulty what it may, this is the way of
all others to increase it. The numbers of those adventurous and
eccentric spirits who, unbidden & unpaid, devote themselves to the
service of their country in the most arduous line of duty is not
so great, this patriot band is not so numerous, as to need any discouragement
to make it less so.

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