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whereas it is exactly. Is it so? No: it is exactly the
same: always excepting smugglers. It is the interest
of each contributor that all others should contribute as
much as possible: since the less they pay the more
he will have to pay. It is still more strongly much more particularly the
interest if the dealer any trader who deals in the commodity taxed. The
smuggler's property is the fair trader's ruin. The farmer
if he has interest will of course get procure such auxiliary
laws and as he appear to him most effectual for
the ensuring the collection of the tax imposed by the
principal law. Are the auxiliary laws such as
fail of coming under that description? The Fa Is the
error on the severe side? It is in because the tax
upon some particular article was too high, or because
the farmers particular farmers in question happened not to understand their
interests as well as they might do. But what has
that to do with the contract farming system? Will it be
said that there is any thing in contractors as such
that renders them less likely to understa have a just
comprehension of their own interest than other men?
If the principal law is well chosen or ha an auxiliary
law that can really contribute any thing to an
ensure the execution of it can hardly be too severe. If
the execution of it can not be made general without
the help of auxiliary laws which are generally reprobated

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