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mode in which the of the management by which the wealth
was made. No farming-company ever gained any
a penny where the public did not share with them
and even precede them in their gains. And how
were the gains made? Not at the expence of
the subject individuals at large, not at the expence of the any
contributor: but at creature born thing. How then? – At the expence of the useless hands
and useless stock which in the other case would have
been employed. The persons really hurt by it, and the
only persons are smugglers, place hunters who find it will a wide
the difference between having to deal with those who have an interest
in detecting them, and those who have none. To these may be added Place-hunters. For under Contractors there are non sine-cures, not from gentlemen
with deputies. These two classes of thieves, in other points
so far asunder, have, in this particular a common interest: if they did not do what ever omitted doing any thing in their power towards
rest. Good management is their common enemy: if they omitted
raising a clamour against contract management, they
doing any thing in their power towards raising a clamour against
it they would be be wanting to themselves. Men of honest intentions,
taking up the matter upon trust, adopt their language, repeat their cry, and become their
accomplices without it.

I do not mean this as a decisive opinion
in favour of the Contract plan in general as applied
to the collection of the revenue: It is a subject of much less as a dissertation
on the manner of applying it to the most advantage. It is a subject
of much too great extent as well as importance
to be discussed exhausted in a note. I mention it only to parenthesis. All I mention it for is.
warn the to put the reader upon his guard against
prejudice, and to warn him not to take reason from build upon the general
inexpediency of the farming plan as a if it were
as if it were an axiom for an axiom in politics not to be disputed. But
it might be ineligible in a thousand ways in
that instance those instances cases without being so in the present instance.

Farmers when they
got rich, set their locked big
arms akimbo
and elbowed men
of family like
Montesquieu – Well
and what then? Let
Pride fight Pride:
what have the people
to do with the dispute?
And would they have
strutted less, had
they got their money
in any other way?
The more they strutted
too, so much the more
encouragement for the
people. The lowest
of them the people might rise
to a share in a
contract, but who
is there among them
that could have got
a line of ancestry?
The people had every
reason to be fond
of such Contractors,
not merely as Contractors,
but as upstarts.
Chips of the same block
with themselves, they were
thorns in the sides of their oppressors.

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