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& Six in the Censor – I enquired of the Six separately if
their Irons were off & they answered in the Affirmative
– I did not ask before the time before whether their Irons were
off – they were in bed when I was there the second time –
the sick were all in separate Beds & there seemed to be
the utmost Attention paid to them.

Barrington was Overseer of the Sick – I desired to
see their Bread – I saw two of their Loaves they –
weighed about 4 lb & an half each which was for a Mess
it was good wholesome Bread, their Meat was good –
wholesome Ox Cheek – I took up 5 or 6 of the Pieces & I
conjecture they weighed from 2 lb & 1/2 to three pounds
which was for a Mess of Six People – the Meat was clean
dressed & good of the Sort – this Meat was for their
Dinner only – they left Work between One & Two &
then came for their Dinner & did not return to work
any more.

I was informed they went to the Warren a little before
Ten & returned about 1/2 past One – there were only
103 employed in the Warren – when they work there
they have a Pint of Strong Beer each – Some few were
at Work as Carpenters, some as Blacksmiths, & one at
Tambour Work & all the rest Idle – there were none
employed at that time in raising Ballast – there
might be about a Dozen working as Carpenters & 6 or 8
as Blacksmiths – I saw a great number on Board
that were not at work that day – I knew nothing
of the Hours of the tide for raising Ballast.

I was informed they had Small Beer, I tasted it &
it was good wholesome Beer – they told me they
had a Quart some days & sometimes only Water, had
Beer about four times a Week – the day I was there

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