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9. A space bulk of air being given, suppose 6 foot
cube, would it be more advantageous to fill it
altogether with the air which is to be heated,
applying the heat solely to the bottom, as you
apply it to the bottom of a boiling-copper, for to
or to fill it up with a number of small receptacles
for the advantage of applying fire i:e: air heated by either itself burning or in immediate and actual contact with burning fewel
in so many points so much nearer to the
air within? a of applying

In other words what is the quantity of fewel
to be burnt in the fire-place being given what is the greatest
extent that can be advantageously with advantage be given
to the oven, without the interposition of any
more fire place?

Were it best to put the

10. Ought the fire place to surround & enclose the oven?
or to be surrounded by it ? and inclosed within
it? or to be carried only a underneath,
with liberty for the flame to play round
it after the manner of a reverberating furnace?

The two sorts of stoves thus indicate I would
distinguish thus: the stove with an including fire-place,
and the stove with the included fire-place. Moser & Jackson's. Jackson's is that with the including fire-place.

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