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11. A given quantity of heat being in this way
to be introduced into the building, is it best
to introduce it by means of a less quantity
of air heated to a greater degree, or by means of
a greater quantity of air heated to a less degree?

This question, by means of information as the instruction with which
I have been favoured by Dr George Fordyce
I am enabled to decide with some degree of
assurance in favour of the latter branch of
the alternative. The less the degree of heat the better.

Answer – the lesson t the degree of heat the
better. This answer I am enabled to give with
some degree of assurance by means of instruction
for which I am indebted to the kindness of
Dr George Fordyce. The greater the degree of
heat the greater the quantity it is enabled to
dissolve of water or any other moisture, and even solid bodies
such as dust, which it deposits again when
it cools as it cools partly by diffusion through
the colder air of the building partly by coming
into contact with the walls and the bodies which
they inclose. Hence any dampness and even
dust at the same time: which were the effect
to rise to a certain pitch might even have an unfavourable
influence on health.

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