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The idea of mixing mixture of employments is in prison
economy I believe a new one. In the economy
of common life it is not so. Many are the instances
that might be produced in which a spinning and
weaving for example are called in to fill up the
vacancies left by others other occupations, such as husbandry for and
common domestic management.
example. These instances however are not by any
means so numerous as they might be: they are still
comparatively speaking they are still rare. No day-labourer's
cottage ought to be without a spinning-wheel
and or a loom in it, unless of the implements means of some
other sedentary employment more productive of any such
can be found. The distribution and use of such cheap machines might
be promoted in various ways, industry encreased, the cause
of morality served, and the expence of poor's rates lessened.
In the instances of such sedentary employments occupations as
continue to afford high wages such mixture of employments
is not likely to have much place in a state
of liberty. A The labour of a part of the week affords maintenance
for the whole: the part time which isnot employ'd in
that can occupation species of industry which is the most profitable will
still less be employ'd in any other another which
is less so: the time which is not employ'd in that
occupation species of industry at which a man is
most ready will still less be employed in another

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