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Additions and Corrections for Mr Bentham's pamphlet intitled Panopticon

Letter VII A few lines before the close to the word "Judges"
put a mark of reference: and by way of note add. Jurymen:
who that they may be compelled to if they in cases of delay in by a the known rule of law, which can not be with continued agreement but by the consent of
giving their verdict both parties, are to be kept till they are agreed without
meat, drink, fire or candle.

In Letter X not far from the beginning
After – "preventing man from following the trades they could get
most by" put a mark of reference and subjoin what follows by
way of note subjoin what follows.

‡ The Stat. of Elizabeth forbidding persons generation to carry on trades while to which
they have selected not
preventing any person from carrying on any trade
of the number of those
trades then known without having to which he has not except the one if any to which he has served an apprenticeship: and requiring
such apprenticeship to be for a term not less than seven years;
during all which time a boy youth is without those motives to improve
himself which he would have if he himself a were to reap the
profits of his industry and ingenuity were to be his own. If in some instances it be
the Masters interest to bring his apprentice forward,
In some instances,
the Master, if he understands his own interest, may be disposed to give let him
him a part in for a share: but if he worked for himself he would have the whole.
And it in many instances it will be more for the Masters interest
instead if in putting the apprentice him to such parts of the work as would improve afford him
him improvement, to confine him to such merely laborious parts of it that as will
afford him little or none. Add to this that the remote advantage that may be derivable from a well-judged

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