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directed liberality is not so sure unhappily not so easy to be comprehended by Masters,
as is the present enjoyment of idleness by Apprentices. Under the auspices of liberty and Take away the legal exercise,
competition of consequence the free agreement of the parties would given the trade in each
individual instance give the from that measure of duration which was the most beneficial.

For – would be as well pleased with its room as with its company
upon the whole.

Read – would not be sorry to be rid of it.

In Letter XII for "a small file" read a spring-saw

In the Letter XV to the words Seven and twenty thousand pound
put a note as follows:
I do not recollect from what source I took this sum: upon
information which I believe to be more correct
I now understand this purchase was it to have
been no more than £5000.

In Letter VI paragraph 2d. After "from an objection" read –
which as far as to the amount of the additional expense extended salaries wold be a deduction drawback
from the economy of which on so many other respects it is productive accounts this mode of construction
may be made productive.(a). So far from it

And again after

These advantages will See Letter XV

(a) The in action of the economy question will depend in some measure upon the particular
nature and object of different establishments: In prisons, saving,
as we shall see in the quantity of building necessary: See Letter —. In
In buildings designed for the inforcement of industry, such as Penitentiary
prisons, Houses of Correction, Poor-houses and free common manufactories at large
gains from the increased quantities now saving from the prevention of waste, and gain in point of quantity and quality
of work.

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