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the ride of a Minister or a Lord? — Its execution then is not likely to be very
speedy — Would the new controuling body, wou'd the Judges, so much as listen
to any such instruction? If not, the change may be from the frying pan to
the fire.

In proportion to as the new plan was generally approved, would the
damp thus cast upon it be condemned. When £200,000, and more of the public money was to be spent before the smallest benefit was to be reaped, the situation
was not grudged. An offer is accepted which begins with easing the nation of
this load in the first instance, to say nothing of what other advantages concurr in
distinguishing the new plan from the old, and now the situation is too good. The
Supervisors who were but to have taken a peep at the place now and then, chose
to have a pleasant place to look at, and it was but right they should: for they
were Members of Parliament and men of influence. The case is now altered:
the man who saves the £200,000 which they were to have spent, must expect no
such place, though it be to set up his staff there; for he is not in Parliament,
he has no influence. As to the exigencies of the establishment, they
remain the same: Vicinity to the Capital and to the River, Elevation of
the Ground are not of less importance now than then to the facility of inspection
or to the health of the prisoners: it is the difference therefore between
individual and individual, between interest and no interest, between favour and
no favour, that has been the real cause of the change.

Such might be expected to be the language: it seems to arise naturally
enough out of what any body may see of the facts. I state it with the
less reserve, knowing as I have such good occasion to know, how destitute it

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