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it would be of foundation in the real dispositions of Administration. But to
form an opinion for the Public we must put ourselves in the place of the public:
to whom reality is nothing, any farther than as it may have been certified
by appearance.

Upon what plan too could a new choice be instituted? To whom committ
the initiative? To the Proposer alone? — that lies open to the objections already
stated. To the Supervisors appointed under the original plan? That
would be still recurring to the old farce of actum agere. It is for them to be
called upon to condemn their former choice, and make a new one? to condemn
too the 12 Judges and their high Colleagues who confirmed it? Once again,
to what purpose and on what ground?

Other Trustees then would be to be sought after for the purpose. But
who then shall they be? In the first place, by whom named? By Administration?
— This again would be another farce. Without his privity then or approbation.
— Observe the consequence. What shall be the force and measure
of their influence? Decisive, absolutely binding upon him, it can never
be. It is out of his pocket that the money is to come for the purchase
of the land: it is out of his pocket that the money is to come that is to be
laid out upon it. From Administration advances and assistance are to
come it is true: but this does not vary the argument. Will it be expected
of him that he shall submitt to see his money laid out for him, his
whole property perhaps disposed of, by he knows not who, by persons
who are not to be of his own choice? They and he may agree, it is

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