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true, whoeever they are. — But what if they disagree? There the plan
sticks: as the original one did, more than once from this very cause. Yet
were circumstances there much less favourable to the growth of differences
than here. Here one of the parties, the very party, over whom the other is
set as a guard, is one who may have the whole force of personal interest
to steel him against concession: there nobody had any such interest to rivet
him to a wrong choice. What augments the difficulty is, that the possibility
of carrying on the employments, to which all the Proposer's views and all
his resources have been directed, is dependent on situation. All his raw materials,
( timber) much of his finished work, are of the bulkiest kind: Water
carriage, and a near market are absolutely indispensable.

Of what class too shall the new Supervisors be? Men of equal figure
with the former? Circumstances being so different none such may
be found willing to accept the office: or if there are, they may want time or
exertion for the task. Shall they be of inferior respectability? Here again the
change is from better then to worse. What a difference between the function
of those new Commissioners and those of the former! The former, after
choosing the spot, were to direct the Establishment that was to be built upon
it. The new ones, when they have made their choice have put an end to their
own existence. What an office for any one but some very particular connection
for of the proposer's to undertake! What thanks or satisfaction can they
hope for from their trouble? Short lived instruments at any rate: tools
as they may expect to be called, if they yield to his choice, exposed to his
enmity if they resist it.

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