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The difficulties which press against the necessary alternative, of
vesting the choice in the Proposer on one hand, or in the hands of third
persons on the other, form a dilemma which would have occasioned no
small degree of embarrassment to the author of the Contract plan, had a
spot for it been as yet to choose. From these difficulties, whatever they
may be, he has however all along had the satisfaction of looking upon it
as absolutely freed, by the happy accident of a choice already made for
the same purpose, by authority perfectly competent and above all objection,
and under circumstances that take away all possible ground of imputation
as well from the Proposer on one hand as from Administration on the
other. It was no choice of his, it was no choice of their's: of the odium, of
the blame, if there were any, not a particle could fall either upon them or

Will the connection of his Penitentiary Plan with the original one, will
his right to graft the one upon the other be disputed? — He hopes not:
surely not with Justice. The object as far as the both go, will not be disputed
to be the same. Whatever that plan does, this does: to say nothing
of so much more which it does, and of which at that time there was no conception.
This is but a project: — certainly: any more than every other measure
till it is tried. This, it is true, is but a project: but what the other more?
Had the new plan fallen at all short of the old one the identity would have been in so far questionable. But will it be treated as doing less or nothing,
when it does the whole and so much more? Will he be denied the use of
the old foundations, only for having given such enlargement to the Superstructure?
Will a track so much trodden in be departed from, and that only to encounter difficulties?

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