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Panopticon Bill
Sect. III LandSect III intitled Purchase of Land.

Powers of Entry, on payment
of the original purchase-money, &
publication of notice on the premises—

Art. 1. Such Contract as above mentioned being duly signed, duplicate thereof filed as
/>above mentioned, and the said Sum of £6600 duly paid as herein after mentioned, with
reservation of such eventual addition as is also herein after mentioned, the said Jeremy Bentham, or
any person duly nominated by his Majesty and appointed Governor of the said intended
Penitentiary House, may in person or by any Agent at any time within two years from the passing
of this Act make entry upon the premises, thereby taking seisin and possession as against the
Owners of the same: which said entry may be performed according to the Form marked [B. 1.]
hereunto subjoined: immediately upon which entry so made, the said Jeremy Bentham or
such his Successor shall be deemed not only to have seisin thereof in fee simple, but also to be
in actual possession thereof as against the Owner or Owners of the same, in the same manner
as if such Seisin and Possession had been respectively delivered to him in pursuance of His
Majesty's Writs of Habere facias Seisinam & Habere facias Possessionem.

Payment to be made to the
accountant General

Art. 2. And Whereas, by reason of such conjunction of interest as aforesaid between the
said Archbishop in the right of his See and the said Earl, the said intended Purchaser might be
unable to ascertain in what proportions the said purchase money ought to be paid, And
Whereas it may be matter of doubt as between the said Proprietors how the same ought to be
applied, Be it enacted that payment made by the said intended Purchaser to the
Accountant General of the High Court of Chancery shall be good payment, and the said
accountant General is hereby required to receive, and give a proper receipt or proper receipts for,
the same, and the same to keep or dispose of according to the course of the Court, for the use
of the parties interested, subject to the direction of the said Court.

Court of Chancery to provide for
the re-investment of the money
in the purchase of Land, and for
the intermediate investment of it in
the funds—

Art. 3. The said Court shall, on the Petition of any party interested, take such Order
as Equity shall require, as well for the definitive re-investment of the said sum in the
purchase of other Lands or Tenements, to the same or other equally just & more beneficial uses, as for
the provisional investment of the said sum in the purchase of Government Securities, untill a
proper purchase or proper purchases of lands & Tenements can be made, and for the
apportionment of the dividends on such securities, as between the parties interested.

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