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Panopticon Bill

Supplemental purchase
money to be assessed by a
Art. 4. And Whereas by reason of a difference between the two periods in respect
of the value of ready money as compared with Land, it may chance that the said sum of £6600,
although a sufficient price for the time when the same was assessed, would want more or less of
being so at the time when the same may come to be paid under this present Act, insomuch
that when reinvested in the purchase of Lands or other Tenements, it would not produce
Lands or Tenements of the same value or annual rent as if it had been paid in
immediately upon the finding of the said Verdict, whereby, in order that the said Proprietors
may be put into the same plight as they would have been in, had the said former purchase
been compleated at the time when the same might in pursuance of the said Verdict have been
compleated, Justice may require a farther sum be paid in the nature of a supplemental price,
Be it enacted that, upon application made out of Court and in a summary way by or
on behalf of any party interested, any one Judge of the Court of Kings Bench shall issue to
the Sheriff of the County of Surry a Precept in the nature of a Writ of Enquiry of Damages
commanding him by the Verdict of a Jury to enquire into and assess the sum proper to be
paid as and for such supplemental price.

Instructions as to the striking
of the Jury—

Art. 5. For the better securing the impartiality and reputation of impartiality of such
Verdict, and for the ease of the conscience of the Jurors, the Sheriff is hereby directed & required
to avoid putting upon the pannel any such persons as from his own knowledge or otherwise
may appear to him, either by reason of tenancy or vicinity of abode or otherwise, liable to stand
affected otherwise than indifferently, toward any of the parties interested, or towards the
institution of the said intended Establishment.

Terms for the Charge and

Art. 6. For the better and more precise direction of the said Jury, a Charge shall
be given them by the Sheriff in writing according to the Form marked [B. 3.] and their
Verdict signed by their names shall be given by filling up the blank contained in the Form
marked [B. 4]

Costs of Verdict to be borne by
the Purchaser—

Art. 7. The Costs of obtaining the said Verdict shall be borne by the said
intended Purchaser.

New Inquest if prayed.

Art. 8. Upon application on behalf of any party interested, made within a fortnight
after the finding of such Verdict, the Verdict of a fresh Jury may, by leave of a Judge as aforesaid,
be obtained as aforesaid, and so toties quoties: the costs of such application as also of such
fresh Verdict to be paid by the party so applying.

Art. 9

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