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Panopticon Bill Land

Art. 9 The supplemental price so found as aforesaid shall be paid to the Accountant General,
and by him disposed of in the same manner as the original price aforementioned.
Supplemental purchase money
to be disposed of as the original -

Art. 10. If, within three Calendar Months after the finding of a definitive Verdict,
such supplemental price not be paid as aforesaid, with interest at the rate of 5 per cent from the day
of entry as aforesaid, together with any such costs as may have become due, the Proprietors or any
of them may upon application made in a summary manner to the Court of King's Bench
be respectively restored to their former Estates, under such conditions as to the wisdom of the Court shall
seem meet.
Redintegration in case of non-payment
of Supplemental purchase
money -

Art. 11. So also if, within three years after entry made as aforesaid, proper buildings
have not been erected, and Prisoners received in pursuance of the Contract: provided that application
for such purpose be made within one year after the expiration of the said three years; and
that due allowance be made for intervening improvements at the discretion of the Court.
So in case of non application of
the Land to the purpose -

Art. 12. The Record of the said Inquest of 10th Sept. 1782 shall, immediately on
payment of the aforesaid sum of £6600, be the property of the said intended Purchaser: so
likewise all such Deeds & Documents as concern the title to the premises singly: together with right
of access for the purpose of taking attested copies to all such Deeds & Documents, if any, as concern
the said Lands jointly with any other Hereditaments.
Purchaser to have the Title Deeds
or Copies -

Art. 13. And Whereas if actual possession & occupation, as well as against present
Occupiers & Owners, were not to be obtained but according to the ordinary course of Law, any
Occupier who, notwithstanding all reasonable satisfaction offered should choose not to quit his part
of the said Premises, might by defending his possession in Law or Equity retard for as long
and indefinite time the application of the premises to the purposes of this Act, and thereby delay or
eventually even defeat the execution thereof, Be it enacted that upon entry made on the
part of such intended Governor according to the Form marked [B. 2.] upon any such parcel or
parcels, every such parcel so entered upon shall be deemed to be in the actual possession of the said
intended Governor, as well against every such Occupier as against all other persons, as if the same
had been duly delivered to him in the virtue of his Majesty's Writ of Habere facias Possessionem.habere facias possessionem.
Entry as against Occupiers -

Art. 14. And Whereas Justice requires that adequate compensation be made to the actual
Occupiers for all such damages as may accrue, not only from the accelerated cessation of their
respective interests but from the sudden obligation of removing their Stock from any part of the premises
of which for the purposes of this Act it may have been deemed necessary to make immediate
use Be it enacted that if within on month after entry made into any such parcel such
compensation as aforesaid be not made, the same shall be assessed by a Jury to be impannelled
at the costs of the said intended Purchaser in manner as abovementioned: provided that,
Compensation for sudden
dispossession -

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