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Panopticon Bill Land


Sheriff's Charge respecting Supplemental Purchase-Money.
Charge from the Sheriff to the Jury impanelled to enquire into the sum proper to be paid in the name
of a supplemental price in addition to the value of the premises abovementioned as found by a preceding Jury
on the 8th day of Sept. 1782.

Gentlemen of the Jury

Whereas on or about the 10th day of September 1782 in pursuance of a Statute
of the 19th year of his present Majesty Ch.74. a Jury being impanelled to enquire into the value of certain
Land at Battersea Rise consisting of 80 Acres or thereabouts did thereupon name as the true value
thereof the Sum of £6600 And Whereas in pursuance of an Act of the 34th year of his present
Majesty the said Land was on or about the... day of... 1794 purchased and entered
upon for the Public purpose thereby intended and the said sum of £6600 was accordingly paid for the
same. And Whereas by reason of a difference between the former and the latter of the said two periods in
respect of the value of ready money as compared with the Land it is supposed that the said sum of £6600
although the same would have been just value of the premises, had it been forthwith paid upon
the finding of the said Verdict, might nevertheless want more or less of being so at the time when it
was actually paid as aforesaid.

You are therefore now in pursuance of the said last mentioned Act, impanelled to enquire and
upon your Oaths report, what, if any, is the sum proper to be paid in addition to the said Sum, in order
to make up the difference if any (exclusive of interest) between the value of the sum of £6600 if paid on
the said 10th of September 1782 and that of the same sum paid on the said of... 1794: estimating
the value of the said sum at the said two different periods by the quantity of Rent secured by
Land which the said sum might have reasonably been expected to purchase at each period.


Verdict assessing Supplemental Purchase-Money

Verdict of the Jury on consideration of the charge aforesaid.

We the Jury impanelled to make answer to the question contained in the Charge aforesaid do, after
hearing such evidence as hath been produced to us, upon our Oaths say that according to the best of our
judgments & belief [£ s d] is the sum proper to be paid (exclusive of interest) in addition to the
said sum of £6600, in consideration of the difference between the values of money in comparison
with Land at the two periods aforesaid as Witness our hands

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