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Panopticon Bill.
Superannuation Annuity

Art. 3. By the indulgence of the Governor, in case of your choosing to settle at or repair
to any place at a distance from the said Penitentiary House and on that account
finding it more convenient to receive the money at or in the neighbourhood of such distant
place, you may on your Petition, if the Governor should think fit to comply
therewith, receive your money at such place if it be a Post Town, or otherwise at some
Post Town near to which such place is situated; and for this purpose proper instructions
and printed forms are prepared which may in that case be had of the Secretary
at the said Penitentiary House. [34. Geo: 3. ch. §6. art.]

Art. 4. This Annuity, being intended for the support & comfort of your Old Age, and as
a sure and perpetual supply, and not to be hazarded in the pursuit of superfluous
wealth, much less to be dissipated for the purposes of extravagance, can not nor any part
thereof be alienated: that is either given, sold, exchanged or mortgaged. [34. Geo: 3. ch
§6. art.]

Art. 5. But in case of your committing at any time hereafter (which God forbid!)
any offence of the degree of felony, this Annuity will thereby be forfeited: more especially as
the Governor will in that case be burthened with the payment of indemnification money,
to be applied in satisfaction of any such injury as may have been done by the offence thus
ungratefully committed. [34. Geo: 3. ch. §6. art.]

Art. 6. This Annuity is, for your security made a charge upon the Governor's estate;
to wit to the amount of [£ s d] being ten times the amount of the sum thereon
yearly due. [34. Geo: 3. ch. §6. art.]

Art. 7. This Deed is good and binding although it be not like other Deeds on a
Stamp: being in your favour excused therefrom [34. Geo: 3. ch. §6. art.]

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