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Panopticon Bill
Post-liberation Options

Art. 2. And to the end that every Prisoner may have sufficient time for
forming his or her determination in respect of the options so to be allowed as aforesaid,
And that the liberty granted in the said respect may not by
any indirect restraint or concealment be rendered fruitless and illusory Be it
enacted that every Penitentiary Prisoner shall upon his or her entrance into
the said Penitentiary House be informed of the said options: and shall at all
times have sufficient access to the list thereof, and to the forms of engagement
thereto respectively relating: and shall have all reasonable notice and
information respecting the towns of engagement in the Metasylum: and for
the purpose of procuring Friendly Guardians shall have sufficient means of

Time, information, and means
of correspondence, for the purpose
of such election to be allowed —

Art. 3. And to the end that the Governor may on the first setting
up of the said intended Metasylum have some means of calculating the number
of the said Prisoners to whose reception the buildings belonging to the same
are to be adapted And Whereas such of the said Prisoners as are intended
to be delivered to him in the first instance will have their terms of different durations,
of which some may by the terms of the said offer of Contract want
no more than two years of being expired Be it enacted that at any time
beyond six months after the completing of the first intended number of one
thousand Prisoners the said Governor may present to any or every of the said
Prisoners a list of their options as aforesaid naming at the same time a certain
day not less than three months distant on which the determination of such
Prisoner shall be made: during which period of deliberation no determination
shall be binding upon the said Prisoner.

Before the erection of the Metasylum,
timely notice of such election
to be given the Governor,
that he may prepare room
accordingly —

Art. 4. At the expiration of such day of election as aforesaid, if the
Prisoner shall have made any such election, such election being attested by
the Sub-Governor, the Chaplain, the Surgeon or any two of them shall thereupon
be conclusive upon the said Prisoner: if he or she should have refused
or omitted to make any such election such refusal or omission being testified
in the manner, he or she shall be considered as bound to the Metasylum
for the term of a year as aforesaid.
Art. 5.

In default of election, Prisoner
bound to the Metasylum for a year

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