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Panopticon Bill IX. Friendly Guardians [F.5]

Emancipatory Release form a Friendly Guardian.

Emancipatory Release from F.G. in quality of Friendly Guardian under the
statute of 34. Geo: 3.ch. to A.W. his Ward under the said Act.
[Parish, County or Street Town County] this... day of [Month Year].

I. Recital

1. Whereas the said A.W. being [or having been] a Penitentiary Man belonging
to the General Panopticon Penitentiary House, was at this own request; on the... day of
[Month Year], by the Governor thereof for the term of one year reckoning from the
day aforesaid committed to my charge in the capacity of his Friendly Guardian under
the said Act, as by a Deed of Assignment of Wardship of the said date executed by the
said Governor as also by myself and the said A.W. doth appear —

2. And whereas during the continuance of such Guardianship power is by Section
VIII Article... of the said Statute given to such Guardian over such his Ward, the
same as is possessed by a Master over any species of Servant at Common Law.

3. And whereas by the said Statute Sect VIII. Article..., authority is nevertheless
given to such Guardian to remitt under certain reservations & conditions the whole of such
power or any part thereof.

II. Releasing Clause

Know all men therefore, that in pursuance of the said authority, I F.G.
do hereby release & give up all the power over him the said A.W. to be committed
as aforesaid, subject only to the conditions & limitations appointed by the said Act.
[If there by any farther ones intended by the party, add as also to the further conditions
and limitations herein after following.]

III. Conditions & Limitations appointed by the said Act.

1. This Assignment of Guardianship in the virtue whereof this Emancipatory Release is
made being good only for a year from the date hereof I stand bound on pain of £50, being the
penalty of my Bond, on of before the day of the expiration thereof either to renew my
said Bond, and accept a renewal of the said Assignment of Guardianship for one
year longer or else to surrender to the said Governor or his Representative at the
Metasylum in [.......] the body of the said A.W. (unless by dangerous

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