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Panopticon Bill
Friendly Guardian.

-rous sickness on the part of the said A. W. I should be absolutely prevented from so
doing) which obligation on my part it is incumbent on him to have in remembrance, and
in order to enable me to fulfill the same, to hold himself in readiness at any time within
[] of the aforesaid day of expiration, upon notice by me given, thither, with
me or with such other person as I shall have appointed, to repair: on pain of being
dealt with as an Absenter from service or as a Deserter from the said Metasylum, by virtue
of certain Clauses in the said Act, which for the information of the said A. W. are here
unto annexed

2. If on or before the said day of expiration, the said A. W. shall neither have joined
with me in the acceptance of a fresh Assignment of Guardianship from the said Governor,
nor have been surrendered by me as aforesaid, then upon notice given to him on the part
of the said Governor or his Representative at any time thereafter he is of himself to
repair to the said Metasylum according to such Notice, on pain of being dealt with as aforesaid.

3 This Release will always remain liable to be revoked at any time by a Deed of Revocation
executed by me and countersigned by the said Governor or any Representative of
his: whereupon, and upon receiving notice thereof, together with notice on the part of
the said Governor or his Representative to repair to the said Metasylum, he the said
A. W. is bound thereunto to repair according to such notice, on pain of being dealt with
as aforesaid.

4. This Release being grounded on the said Assignment, will therefore also become
void in case of the said Assignments becoming void; which may happen in any of the
events therein specified, of which the said A. W. is forewarned by the Copy he hath

IV. Further Conditions & Limitations appointed by the said F. G.
Here insert which Conditions & Limitations, if any; if not, write instead thereof the
word None.

V. Clauses in the said Act inserted for the information of the said A. W. shewing
him the consequence of not conforming to Notice as above.

Here insert Articles in Sect X. intitled Escape.

NB. A true Copy of this Deed attested as such by the Guardian & the Ward, must be given
forthwith to the Governor in virtue of a Condition in the Guardian's Bond.

To be executed by the Guardian, as also by the Ward.

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