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Panopticon Bill.
Friendly Guardian

F. G. in that behalf all such assistance as for the safe Custody and Conveyance of the
said A. W. during the said journey shall be necessary.

7. In consideration whereof, I do hereby grant unto the said F. G. such my Warrant, which is as follows: viz:

II. Warrant thereon.

To all Sheriffs, Bailiffs Constables, and other Officers & Ministers of our Lord
the King, as well within Liberties as without to whom this Warrant shall come, greeting.

Whereas F. G. of [Abode] [Occupation] having for his Ward in quality of
Friendly Guardian under the General Panopticon Penitentiary Act 34. Geo: 3. ch.
one A. W. quondam Penitentiary man is minded, as by the said Statute is empowered,
the body of the said A. W. to the Governor of the General Panopticon Penitentiary
House at the Metasylum in to surrender.

And Whereas, being for the purpose of such surrender about to set out either in person
or by some fit Agent on his Journey as aforesaid, he is apprehensive lest in the course
thereof the said A. W. should be tempted to escape, as by the Examination and Complaint
of the said F. G. hereunto annexed doth appear.

This is in his Majesty's name, and by authority of the said Statute, to require
you, that in case wither by complaint of the said F. G. or otherwise it shall appear
to you that he the said F. G. hath experienced or is likely to experience any
hindrance or molestation touching the accomplishment of the said surrender, you fail not
within your respective jurisdictions to yield him all such assistance in that behalf as may be
sufficient to accomplish such surrender as aforesaid: and this either with, or if necessary (as
in case of accident) without the presence or co-operation of the said F. G. or such his Agent
as aforesaid. Witness my hand at the place & time above-written.
A. J.

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